Dec 19, 2018

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Custom Window Designs

And now, the fun part! What window design will best complement my home, my lifestyle, my look?

We can help design the look that best fits your home and your style. As both a replacement and new construction window company, we have designed and built hundreds of looks to complement all types of architectures and lifestyles.

From the clean, understated simplicity of today’s contemporary home to the rustic look of a barn-do-minium to the historically correct detail of a traditional or Victorian home; our carefully selected window manufacturers have the resources to make your vision a reality.


The first step is to write down your home’s architectural style and the details you think look best.

These details shape the form of your favorite design. For example,

  • Architecture is Colonial, Tudor, Victorian, Barnodminium, Contemporary, Modern etc.
  • Frame Color to be White, Tan, Bronze, Black, Antique Red, etc.
  • Panes should have Divided Lites (Grids) on All Windows. Just the Front Elevation or None at All
  • Convert Single Hung to Double Hung, Picture or Casement Windows. Convert Twin Single Hung Unit(s) to One Large Picture Window

I’ve heard many a homeowner say, “I can’t decide until I see what it will look like.” The following visualizer will allow you to design your favorite window in the comfort of your home Sunrise Windows.

For a more detailed look at around $100, either you or we can employ Hover’s technology to create a 3-D picture of your home where we can change the window type, frame color, and grid pattern to get a look at how different styles will look on an accurately scaled version of your home.


Next, consider what function(s) you would like your new windows to address. For example,

  • Energy Efficiency. Is it hot, cold, drafty in some rooms more than others?
  • Are you concerned with the extremely wide frames seen on neighbor’s homes with new replacement windows?
  • Security & Windstorm Protection
  • Noise Reduction. If so in which room(s) is this an issue?
  • Air, Dust & Allergen Infiltration

If you do a little homework before inviting contractors to your home, you will be ready with intelligent questions and end up with more precise proposals for windows that best suit your needs. In most cases, changing design details such as grids, frame color, window type, etc. will change the price. In general, the less/more material and labor intensive the window is to make the less/more it costs. Phone and in-home consultations are free. For more information contact or call to discuss your project at 832-777-3681.

Our goal: An honest, transparent process.


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